Healthy people healthy places grants

The Foundation’s Healthy People Healthy Places (HPHP) grants have been made in two categories: Integration of Environment and Human Well-being (Integrated) and Improving Systems for Meeting Basic Human Needs (Basic Human Needs).

Integrated grants are made to organizations using, or committed to using, a deliberate, unified approach to enhancing well-being, prosperity and resiliency of people, communities and nature. These grants support work spanning several Healthy People Healthy Places Strategies – in a genuine combination that meets both environmental and human needs resulting in mutual benefit. 

Basic Human Needs grants recognize that for people and places to truly be healthy, the basic needs of individuals must first be met.  These grants are intended to advance change in the systems and policies under which individuals find themselves requiring assistance to meet their most basic needs.

2019 Application Information

The application for the 2019 HPHP grant round will be available by invitation only.  This includes the Integration of Environment and Human Well-Being grant program and the Improving Systems for Meeting Basic Human Needs grant program.  Eligible organizations will be notified by November 1st and provided with a link to the application.  The application deadline is January 15th, 2019, 5pm.

We are working to refine and clarify our HPHP program and improve our grantmaking process.  This “pause” will allow the Foundation to continue to make HPHP grants while providing the time to finalize its program refinements.  The Foundation anticipates launch of the refinements by November 2019.  For more information about our refinements process, please visit the HPHP Program page.