Grant Reporting

The directors and staff of the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation maintain a continued interest in the organizations and projects we support. Therefore, we request that all grantees submit grant reports in accordance with the terms of their grant. In most cases, this means submitting a report upon completion of the project or 13 months from the date of the grant award.  For multi-year grants, annual progress reports are generally requested.


Grant Report Form


The Grant Report Form is available through the "Requirements" section of the Foundation's Online Grant System. You may access your organization's account by clicking the "My Account" link below and entering the email address and password for the account under which your proposal was submitted.

If you have not spent all of the grant funds by the time your Final Report is due, please Contact the Foundation  before completing your Final Report.

Below are PDFs of our grant reports.  Please note, these are just for reference.  You will need to log into your account and submit your report through our online system.  If you do not know which report applies to your award, please contact Laura Dover.  

Progress Reports:
Progress Report
Progress Report- Healthy People Healthy Places

Final Reports:
Restricted Final Grant Report
Unrestricted Final Grant Report
Unrestricted Final Grant Report- Basic Human Needs
Unrestricted Final Grant Report- Integrated
Restricted Final Grant Report- Basic Human Needs
Restricted Final Grant Report- Integrated