Frequently Asked Questions


  1. My organization applied for a grant from the Foundation last year.  May we reapply this year?  You may, regardless of whether you were awarded a grant or not.  We do, however, limit organizations to one application per calendar year.  In other words, if you apply in January you must wait until the following January to be eligible to apply again.  If you apply in June you may apply for the subsequent deadline in January, as it falls into a different calendar year.  Please keep in mind that the January and June application deadlines pertain to different areas of interest.
  2. My organization was awarded a multi-year grant from the Sewall Foundation. Are we eligible to apply for another grant for a different purpose while that grant remains active? Organizations with multi-year grants are asked to wait to reapply until the year in which their current grant will be completed. For example, an organization that received a 3-year grant in June 2015, with a term ending in May 2018, may apply for a new grant in 2018 (January or June deadline). However, an organization that received a 3-year grant in 2016, with a term ending in May 2019, must wait until 2019 to apply.
  3. Can I send you additional materials to augment our application?  Please do not.  We are unable to review additional materials.  You may, however, point us to such materials in the “additional information” portion of the application if you so choose.  Depending on a variety of factors including availability of time and need for further information these resources may or may not be reviewed.
  4. As a collaboration of nonprofits, we do not have our own 501(c)3 status. Can we still apply for funding?  You may.  One of the partners will need to serve as the fiscal sponsor for the proposal and the application will come from them. 
  5. If we are not a 501(c)3 but are working with a fiscal sponsor can we apply for funding?  We ask that you contact the Foundation prior to submitting an application if you are working with a fiscal sponsor.  There are legal and organizational implications of a fiscal sponsorship that all parties need to be aware of.  Any awards made by the Foundation will be to the fiscal sponsor and the sponsor is responsible for seeing that the work is carried out, funds used appropriately, and reporting is completed. In effect, the sponsor becomes the grantee and is held to all requirements and responsibilities thereof.  We will ask for a copy of the agreement between your group and the fiscal sponsor to help ensure that all parties understand this relationship.  Please feel free to use this Sample Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement in your planning (adapted from the Maine Community Foundation's Form). The book Fiscal Sponsorship – 6 Ways to Do it Right, by Gregory L. Colvin is also recommended.  Another resource is the Maine Community Foundation website, which provides an excellent overview of Fiscal Sponsorship, derived in part from Colvin's book.
  6. We are serving as fiscal sponsor for an applicant.  May we also submit an application for funding additional work?  Please contact the Foundation to discuss your options.
  7. As a grant writing consultant, I may be involved in drafting applications for more than one organization.  Can I do so under the same account?  We recommend each organization establish its own account. These accounts allow an organization to track its history with the Foundation and provide access to reports as well.  For consultants and volunteers, we suggest you work with the organization to establish an account for the organization that you can access.
  8. When establishing an account for the organization what guidance do you offer?  Often it is best to establish the account under an “info@” type email address rather than a staff specific address.  This allows for continued monitoring of the email despite staff changes.   Each proposal provides the opportunity to identify project and organization contacts which will be used by the Foundation for proposal specific communications.
  9. I am signed into my account, but can’t find where to start a new application. What should I do?  Even if you have an existing account, all new applications must be started by clicking the “new application” link found on the corresponding program page for which you are applying.
  10. I have worked on applications for different organizations, using different accountsNow I am having trouble accessing one of the accounts.  This can happen when your computer saves passwords or cookies.  It automatically redirects you to the account you last accessed.  First be sure you have the correct email address and password for the account you wish to access.  Depending on your browser and settings you may need to delete your browsing history, close out of your browser, then open it up and try again. 
  11. What should I do if the financials for our organization are too big to upload?  First check to make sure you are not submitting your IRS Form 990. We prefer audited financial statements and in their absence a balance sheet and profit and loss statement.  In the event these documents are too large, you can attach a word document with a brief statement of the problem and email the financials to Laura Dover.