Animal Welfare Capacity Building Grants

The Elmina B. Sewall Foundation seeks to work with Maine's animal welfare community to build the sector's capacity - enabling it to meet the objectives of improving the quality of life and care for companion animals throughout the state.  Capacity building efforts that will have significant, measurable impact on organizations' ability to perform their work - including leadership development; improved sheltering, management and governance practices; and fundraising sophistication - are of particular interest.

Review Considerations

Grant requests will be evaluated using the Foundation’s General Considerations for grant making and those listed below.  The extent to which the proposed work will build the organization’s ability to perform their work on an ongoing basis will be a significant consideration.

  • Depth of understanding of where organization’s challenges lie

  • Depth of understanding of different approaches to addressing challenges and articulation of rationale for chosen course of action

  • Impact on strength of organizational leadership

  • Impact on sheltering practices

  • Impact on governance and management practices

  • Impact on organization’s fundraising capacity

  • Impact on addressing significant animal welfare issues facing Maine and/or the region served by the organization

  • Measurable impact of the proposed work

  • Extent to which effort increases organization’s effectiveness in promoting humane treatment of animals


Application Period

The deadline for applying is June 17, 5pm EST.  In the event the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due by 5pm on the next business day.  The online application is available from March 15 to June 17.  Decisions will be announced in early October.

Please review the 2019 Animal Welfare Capacity Building Application Guide prior to starting an application.  It provides instructions, grant guidelines, and the application narrative questions.  We also recommend you visit our Application Instructions page, and our Online Application Guide for tips on using our online application system.

We encourage you to cut and paste your narrative responses from a word processing application (Word, Google Docs, etc.) to ensure work is not lost should there be an internet connectivity or technology glitch.  If you are having difficulty accessing the application, please try using a different browser.

Regardless of whether you have an existing account (from a previous grant cycle), you must select “Start a New Application” with each new grant cycle.

Select this option if you want to return to an application you have already started for the current grant cycle.