Improving Systems for Meeting Basic Human Needs Grants

Improving Systems for Meeting Basic Human Needs Grants recognize that for people and places to truly be healthy, the basic needs of individuals must first be met.  These grants are intended to advance change in the systems and policies under which individuals find themselves requiring assistance to meet their most basic needs. 

Last year we began an assessment of the two main elements of our Healthy People Healthy Places program – Integration of Environment and Human Well-being and Improving Systems for Meeting Basic Human Needs grants – by reviewing data, talking to grantee partners, and looking at program goals and outcomes.  That assessment brought to light several challenges we’ve been working to address, including:  high decline rates, dispersed impact, and limited capacity to engage meaningfully with the many communities we support.  For our 2018 grant cycle, we offered initial guidance to grant-seekers to improve our work in those challenging areas.

We continue to refine the Healthy People Healthy Places program in order to: clarify the program’s focus, deepen its impact, and better align our grant-related processes with our values.  The refinements process includes exploring ways that the Foundation can prioritize equity, increase program alignment with our values, and strengthen our relationships with Maine people and the environment we share. 

Our work over the next few months will be focused on completing a thoughtful transition plan for the Healthy People Healthy Places program.  By November 1, 2018 we will post on our website further details and guidance for the 2019 Healthy People Healthy Places grant round.  The deadline for grant applications will be January 15, 2019.

We are sensitive to the impacts that shifts in funding programs may mean for our non-profit partners and we are committed to doing our best to minimize adverse impacts that may result from these changes.  The Foundation is grateful for the tremendous efforts by many organizations committed to improving Maine.


2019 Application Information

2019 Application Period


Information regarding the 2019 application period will be available November 1, 2018.